What is VR1?

So what is VR1?

It means Stage 1 – Fuel vapour recovery system at a service station is to limit the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when discharging fuel from a fuel tanker to the fuel storage tanks.   These emissions are caused during this process as a slight pressure build-up occurs in the underground storage tank, which displaces vapour.   In today’s times where there is a great concern on pollutants to the environment, the introduction of VR1 is in place in Australia. 

To minimise vapour loss from the underground storage tank through the vent during filling, the vent pipes are fitted with a 10-millimetre orifice. A pressure vacuum relief valve (PV valve) is fitted, to prevent hazardous pressures or vacuums building up. The PV valve should remain closed except under adverse conditions.

What is the difference between VR1 and VR2?

VR1 captures displaced vapours from storage tanks when a tanker delivers petrol to a service station, while VR2 aims to capture displaced vapours at the bowser while a motorist refuels.



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